top free places to visit in Dubai

13 Free Places To Visit in Dubai

Quite often I get asked this question ” Wow living in Dubai, that is fancy, but is it expensive? Well, I will not lie to you. Yes! Dubai is expensive. As expensive as New Zealand or Australia. But what if I list down top free places to visit in Dubai?

Worrying about the trip expenses is absolutely normal and it is only natural to make the most of the trip and see as much as you can without spending a single penny. These places will give you a feel of the old town versus the new town and also the uptown.

[ Do you know Dubai is not a country but actually a state. Explore the fact here 

After all, it is a touristic destination. Visiting these places will be definitely worth your time. But in exactly few minutes, I will make sure to leave you with some Best Places to go to Dubai for free. Planning your trip to Dubai can really be overwhelming and pricey. As fancy as Dubai is I am pretty sure it would be helpful to know Places to go to Dubai for free.


1. THE GOLD SOUK:   (Souk in Arabic means a market.)

This is another question I am often asked, “Is gold really cheap in Dubai?” Dubai Is known for its GOLD. That is True! The only reason the gold is cheap here than other parts of the world is that you only pay 5% VAT on the total bill. The Gold Souk in Dubai is definitely value for money. The Jewellery collection is insane here. Well, it is a GOLD MARKET, GOLD SOUK so you can imagine.

Ladies that’s where probably you wanna go. Dubai GOLD SOUQ MARKET. Gentlemen, please don’t freak out, buying gold in Dubai, sounds expensive but who knows you might just charm your partner or treat yourself with a lifetime souvenir. This certainly is a place every tourist in Dubai should be visiting.

The shops in the gold souk markets are air-conditioned. Dubai Hosts the World’s Largest ring. This ring has been displayed in one of the Jewellery Shops called “KANZ JEWELLERS.” The ring holds Guinness Book of world records certificate.

The Gold Souk Market opening hours are from 10 am to 10 pm. It is open 7 days a week. Maximum shops do close from 1 pm – 4 pm only on Friday for prayers.

Famous Facts about this huge ring:

The ring is owned by a company in Dubai called “Taiba” and hence it is named Najmat Taiba or Star Of Taiba. This is a 21-carat ring, it weighs 64 kilograms that is 141 pounds & has around 5.1 Kilograms that is 11 pound of precious stones. The cost of this ring is estimated at more than $3 million. (Don’t worry however it is free to watch and click pictures;) It took 55 workers to make this piece of jewellery in 45 days. They contributed 10 hours each day. According to the news, there are approximately 615 Swarovski stones as well embedded in this ring.

Gold Souk Dubai’s Location is popularly known by most people here. I have mentioned the complete location below. There are loads of public buses and taxis that stop to this market as well. In the evening this market glitters like gold with all the displays of the unique collections making this Souk a must visit in Dubai.

How to get to Gold Souk Dubai:

The Gold Souk is located in Dubai’s Deira District. The area Diera is also the OLD TOWN DUBAI. Below is the picture of Najmat Taiba and me helping my friend to buy some GOLD in Kanz Jewellers.


2.  The Dubai Fountain:

The Dubai Fountain is one of the magnificent attractions you would see in Dubai for free. There is NO entry fee to see the Dubai Fountain. To see the Fountain you will have to enter the Dubai mall and follow the signs for The Fountain.

The Dubai Fountain Facts:

This fountain is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system. It sets on a man-made Lake. The designing of this fountain was done by the same Californian based company who designed the fountain in Bellagio Las Vegas. The fountain performs its dance on an international music collection.

 The Dubai fountain lake rides as the name suggest they are small water taxi or small boats which gives you a ride for 30 minutes in this man-made lake. The opening hours of Dubai Fountain Lake ride is from 05:45 pm to 11:00 pm. This is not a free ride though. The price per person is AED 70. The boat can accommodate up to 6 people. 

The Dubai Fountain Timing:

The show starts from 06:00 pm and lasts for approximately 4 mins and it runs every 30 mins until 11 pm. There are 3 shows running during the afternoon from 1:30 pm until 02:30 pm. The Dubai fountain show timings normally stay the same but it would be advisable to check the official website to avoid disappointments. 

On the background is the twinkling BURJ KHALIFA. The fountain and the Burj Khalifa will defiantly add to your travel stacks. The Burj Khalifa also has a light show running around the same time. While you are at the Dubai mall make sure you stop at the AQUARIUM. Just follow the signs for Aquarium.

Below is the light Show of Burj Khalifa, The light show is varied every day. The one below is on the national day hence the 3 colours of the UAE flag. That’s the fountain show and everybody that is Purnendu mesmerized by the show. There are few pictures of the skyline and the spot where the fountain show takes place. This picture is clicked FROM AT THE TOP BURJ KHALIFA.

Insider tip:

* To get the best pictures and videos of the fountain get to the first floor of the Apple store on the same side of the fountain. The Apple store on Level 1 has a huge viewing deck.
* To enter the AQUARIUM obviously, there is a fee. But The aquarium is quite huge so you can actually see most of it from the outside… SHHH!!! Just gave out another freebie. 


VR Park Dubai is a state of the art experience. The entry into VR park is free but you pay for the games.  Everything in here is in high-definition. It feels like being in a star wars movie, Ideal Place for Kids.

VR Park Dubai Location:

Vr park is in Dubai Mall, Once you are in Dubai Mall Look for VR park or Kidzania. It is very close to Kidzania.

While we are at Dubai Mall let me give you a little brief about the Dubai Mall. It is the 2nd largest mall in the world. It is a city in itself. Be mentally prepared, to walk a lot. There are buggy services too. Be rest assured you will get lost in this city. You might enter from one place an exit from the other.

How to get to Dubai Mall?

There are Taxi’s which take you right there. The more convenient and reasonable way is by train. The only negative point about travelling by train is after you arrive at the Dubai Mall metro station the walk through the metro station to the mall is approximately 1 kilometre. Below is the picture of my beautiful family at the Dubai Mall metro station.

Crowd Gathered to see the fountain and the light show

Inside the mall
Ice Ring inside the mall


4. La Mer.
La Mer Dubai hosts a beachfront fun and laid back dining experience. You can get lost in its glamour. There are plenty of things to do in La Mer Dubai. There are loads of leisure activities for kids. Adults a great place for an evening walk and shopping area. This Place is fairly new in Dubai. Also newly introduced in the area is the cinema called the Roxy Cinemas perfect for cosy evening. 

5.  Madinat Jumeirah:

I am sure when you are in Dubai you want to experience the High-End Restaurants, Bars and Pubs, the one you must have watched on TV. Madinat Jumeirah Hotel Dubai is very popular among the tourist. There is a souk inside Madinat Jumeirah. As mentioned earlier meaning of souk is a market in Arabic. This place is great for an evening stroll where you will have a clear view of BURJ AL ARAB HOTEL.

If you wanna stop by for some drinks in the evening there are some amazing Bars at Madinat Jumeirah. There is a Polynesian Bar, Trader Vics, Trader Vic’s is popular for its Asian food and cocktails like Mai tai.

You can Know more about the nightlife and casual bars in Dubai here

There’s a fine dining restaurant at Madinat Jumeirah too, like, Indian Restaurant, Thai restaurant and many more.  During Christmas, they host the most beautiful Christmas Market of Dubai as well. This is a one-stop destination to experience the nightlife, the culture, the food etc. 

Christmas Market of Madinat Jumeira.


Let’s say KITE BEACH Dubai is an active beach just like the Venice beach in LA. No one can get bored on this beach as there are many things to do at Kite beach. There is a jogging track, there are food trucks, water sports activities, there are children play area, gym equipment, they even have beach volleyball courts, there are Arabic restaurants and sheesha cafes.

Kite Beach will also give a very good view of the BURJ AL ARAB HOTEL. Below is the other side view of Burj Al Arab from kite beach, there is a man-made beach called the sunset beach on the other side of the Burj Arab Hotel. This beach is great for surfing.


BOX PARK Dubai is also one of the high-end shopping areas just like Souk Madinat. The Shops here are in a shipping container style. There are good dining options around. Great Place to walk around & soak in Dubai’s Lifestyle. 

8. Hatta Dam Dubai:
Hatta Dam, let’s say Hatta Dam is the hidden treasure of Dubai. It is also one of the unexplored places to Visit when in UAE. In short, Hatta Reservoir is a gorgeous blue water body near the Hajar mountains. This is easily accessible from Dubai by car. Best time to visit Hatta Dam would be in winters. Hatta Dam opening hours are quite flexible. So don’t worry if you visit in Dubai during summers, no problem, it is open 365 days. 


JBR the walk is a beachside dining and shopping area just like LA MER.  The walk is close to Dubai Marina. You will get a good view of the marina and the Sky-Lines of Dubai. JBR the walk is also known as NEW DUBAI. You will see the Ain Dubai wheel, similar to the London Eye and Singapore Flyer, as always this one is largest in the world. (still under making).

During the day there are beach beds and water activities. There is a small water park for kids at the walk, which is chargeable. Overall this place is ideal for some restaurants and bars, beach activities, sunbathing, walks and sight-seeing. You do not have to worry about JBR walk timings as they are open day and night.

Al Qudra lakes are also completely free. Al Qudra lakes are open 24/7. Al Qudra Lakes Dubai is a cluster of man-made lakes. When in here it is hard to miss some of these geese, swans, rabbits, oryx, wild foxes. This place is popular amongst the locals. The only way to get here is by taxi or car rental. Also one of the Hidden Treasures of Dubai.  After that are images of dramatic sunset we witnessed. Pictures of the sunset are clicked by iPhone X, not by any professional camera.

Dramatic and colourful sunset in al Qudra

Dubai Water Canal is one of the man-made extension to the historic Dubai Creek, running out to the Arabian Gulf. There are a few ways on how to reach Dubai water canal 1) water taxis and ferry trips. 2) Taxi 3) By metro get off at the Business Bay metro station and you can walk up to the promenade.

The water taxis might cost you around 25 AED/person. Although, free to walk around the promenade. Good opportunity to get some pictures of the canal & the skyline.


Just meters from the bustling city of Dubai you will spot these beautiful PINK FLAMINGOS stealing the show. This is a natural wonder according to me. As these flamingos migrate during winters. Dubai is the popular transit for the flamingos too. It is free to watch. There is a viewing deck to see this natural wonder. Best time to visit Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is winter. However, you can spot a few all around the year. 

13  Old Town Deira:

Deira is an area a district in heart of Dubai. The word Deira in Arabic means “the house” and hence this describes Deira being the historical commercial centre or a hub for the trades that took place in Dubai. With time Deira has been developed so much that it has plenty to offer to the tourist coming to Dubai. Not only has Deira maintained its heritage culture but also offers a varied background of the Dubai skyline.

The old town Deira will remind you of being in one of the movies of Arabian nights. My personal recommendation will be giving one whole day to this old town as it will surprise you in unimaginable ways. I would like to list a few things which are more like DIY walking tours.

Heritage Village: Heritage Village Deira is a beautiful corniche walk. When you are here you can visit the heritage museum with a minimum entry fee. When you walk around this corniche you will spot these small water taxis which take you from one station to other in just AED1. This is a very good and reasonable way to cruise the creek.

Also if you prefer to treat your self you can experience the DHOW Cruise which also operates around this area. There are plenty of Dhow Cruise companies to choose from which includes dinner some local shows like belly dancing and Turkish traditional dance the cruising time is about 2-3 hours.

Heritage Village
AED 1  for a Water Taxi ride.
Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise
Arabic Platter (vegetarian)

Spice Souk Dubai:
As gold souk, mentioned earlier in this post, the spice souk market in Dubai is also one of the must DIY tours. Just walk around the spice market and dwell in the fresh smell of the spices. These spices are majorly imported from India. Spices are called masala in India. Hope you enjoy the Indian version of Dubai masala market.

Gold Souk Dubai:
You cannot afford to miss gold souk. This souk also hosts a silver market. Where you can buy Italian silver. The silver market is connected to the gold souk. There are alleys in between the gold souk market in Dubai, in these alleys you will find small silver shops selling all kinds of silver jewellery.

From rings to chains to bracelets, everything you like. Do not forget to use your bargaining skills no matter where you shop. Be it gold souk or spice souk they all work on bargains. The complete details on gold souk you can find on top of this post.

Both the gold and silver rings are purchased from the gold souk.


Meena Bazaar Dubai:
Meena Bazar is also a very popular bazaar in old town Dubai. On weekends this place can get really crowded cause parking issues. However, there are plenty of parking spots around just remember where you parked. In here you will find extremely reasonable souvenirs, giveaways.

Look for Day to Day. Day to Day is a one-stop reasonable shopping market. Meena Bazaar in Dubai is famous for clothing outlets, mainly Indian and Pakistani clothing style like Sarees and Salwar Kameez. Restaurants serving kebabs and shawarmas for max AED 5-10. If you are into sheesha’s you will not be disappointed as you can find them here.

Reasonable dry fruits like almonds or cashews can be found here in loose. You can buy as little as 100 grams if you wish to do so. You will also hear a few vendors coming and speaking into your ears about Armani and Gucci bags or Hublot watches. My advice DO NOT fall for it.

Customized Souvenir



Like I said an expensive place like Dubai and 13 Amazing Free Places to Visit. Well, I hope you enjoyed all the FREEBIES. As a tip book your stay in advance during peak season as it can get quite expensive. Please feel free to ask us any questions you have regarding Dubai. As we are from Dubai we would be able to share some insight into your queries.

We can also read about Dubai Nightlife and bars. We will be happy to hear if you visited these places and if you liked them. Spam us with your lovely pictures we would like to be a part of your experience through photos. Once again remember these places are free so feel free to share the freebies with friends and family.

Enjoy and Safe Travels. For more updates follow us here or follow us on any of the other social media. You can also Pin this Image if you like. See you there.

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