Ankita Magdani

Olá! Namaste! Hello! Hi! We warmly welcome you to Travel Stacks. We hope that you are doing great. Along with my husband Purnendu & myself Ankita we will make you see the world through our eyes. A Little About Us.

Purnendu is from the East of India Kolkotta and I am from the West and the most happening or busy city of India Mumbai also known as the commercial capital of India. Travel has been my passion ever since I was a child. That passion drove me to get my dream job as a flight attendant. I have been flying, wandering and exploring the world for over 15 years now. I have been a flight attendant for 15 years.

Well, to be honest, I only started, what I call “Real Traveling” or lets say “Travel Stacking” in 2010. Thatʼs when I started applying for annual leaves to Travel more, as the urge, hunger and thirst in me just kept growing. The cultural and religious background that I was born and bought up, was quite a contrast to what I comprehend through TRAVELS. Until a very long time, even after I had started my earnings with the airline, I was made to choose & believe this, “EARN & WORK HARD in the present for a better future.”

The more I travelled, it broaden my prospect of living my life, I noticed a change in my own behaviour, attitude and I felt myself happier than ever before.


Purnendu Das

Now that I look back I am glad I was a REBEL then and decided to invest my time & money somewhere more meaningful. This wander lust in me made me content, it taught me gratitude, It taught me to live in the present and it gifted me the most beautiful thing in my life my Husband Purnendu.

Together we enjoy to the fullest, enjoy exploring, enjoy living life as it comes, enjoy sharing & believing in the same thing. As individuals and as a couple we are extreme opposites but our aim and expectation from life is the same.

After years of contemplating and hesitation and of course chewing Purnenduʼs brains :-), I finally thought of sharing our journey with the world. Before starting a Travel Blog both Purnendu and I were complete anti-social media.

We had the basic social media applications like WhatsApp and Facebook with probably just about 100 friends in total or less in our friendʼs list. Both of us were totally ignorant about Instagram or Twitter, Until 20th Jan 2019, thatʼs when we 1st made our website.

Since then the journey with content writing & blogging has been an amazing & sweet struggle. From understanding the social media platform to website designing to HTML & CMS codes itʼs all been a learning experience.

Purnendu has always been good on the technical side and me on the creative side & of course we met some amazing people on our way who helped us get this far.

The best thing about blogging is, it lets us indulge in reminiscence, lets us live and relive the moments. It makes us want to learn more, makes us want to travel more and share more. The aim & passion would be to take blogging full-time if we continue to get the support from you. All your likes, comments, shares, subscribes brings a smile to our faces & makes us feel closer to our dream.

Please continue to shower us with these blessings. We in return promise to deliver you with exciting destinations, detailed information, appropriate links, etc. in short we will ensure that you have all the details for your travel stack. Do not forget to like, comment, share & subscribe.

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