Buy fresh vegetables in Dubai

Best Place to Buy Fresh Vegetables in Dubai

So now that you are well versed about where to buy meat in Dubai let’s talk green. The reason I separated the post is in respect for the Vegans and Vegetarians. In this piece of content you will come to know about where to buy fresh vegetables in Dubai. 

Dubai can be extremely unpredictable. It exactly knows how to surprise you. One might think that in a place like Dubai buying fresh fruits and vegetables means going to any of the grocery stores like Carrefour and Spinneys.

But let me just stop you there and take this opportunity to introduce the same place with the other side of it. Coins have 2 sides so does Deira Waterfront Market. If you are searching for fresh vegetables in Dubai then this is 100% fruits and vegetable market. It is located inside a mall just like any other supermarket but the cost here is half the price than Spinneys or Waitrose but of the equivalent quality of Spinneys or Waitrose. The negligible negative side of this is, the entrance from the parking lot can stink of fish, as it also shares the fish and meat section under the same roof. But be rest assured once you enter they are completely separated and the smell dissipates. 

Complete guide on Buy fresh vegetables in Dubai:

Deira Water Front Market:

For those of you who have started reading this post first let me give you a brief on this waterfront market and its location.

Deira Waterfront Market Location: 

Al Khaleej Road, Opposite Dubai Hospital, Corniche Deira, alternatively you may type Deira Waterfront Market on your GPS I am certain it will take you to the right place.

Let me give you a little brief on Deira:

Before you move ahead to visit Deira Waterfront Market here’s a brief background about it. Bordered by the Persian Gulf, Dubai Creek and Sharjah, Deira is an area in Dubai. Years ago Deira was the commercial hub for Dubai. Since it’s development, it is losing its importance.

Deira is developed since then with many modern buildings and a popular mall called the Deira City Center, underground metro track, many hotel apartments around as well. There are many amazing things to do in Old Deira.

Go Green.

Fresh vegetables in Dubai

Fruits and Vegetables Market in Dubai:

Location: As mentioned Deira Waterfront Market.

Fresh vegetables buyers in Dubai

It is completely up to one’s choice of coming to this market if you are here to buy greens you can easily stop on the other section for some meat selection if you need or vice versa. The Fish Market is just as big as the Fruits and Vegetable Market. It is just as clean as the Fruit Market and it smells fresh and fruity in here.

Deira Waterfront Market Timings:

They are open from 7 am – 1 pm.

Just like the fish market the guys here are knowledgeable of the products they are selling. They too, speak many languages and they bargain too. Hell yaa!!! they are damn reasonable. One of the very appealing things, I’d rather say the best thing about this market, this market can be a nibbling place for you.

These vendors will always offer you some fruits like melons, mangoes, grapes, etc as tasters. The moment you stop at their stall, be rest assured he is going to offer you all he is got. The good thing about tasters is, you know what you are buying. You get to taste the watermelon before you buy them. Unlike in bigger supermarkets where you pick them depending on its colour or smell or just guess-work.

Wholesale vegetable market in Dubai

Dubai vegetable market

Dubai wholesale vegetable market

Prices: Vast difference.

* Fresh coconut water: 5 AED/piece in the supermarkets 6-7 AED/piece.
* Cob Corn: 1 AED/piece. Supermarkets 10 AED for 1, cut in half.
* Avocados: 10 AED/kg NOT per piece. Supermarkets sell it for 7 AED/piece.
* Chestnuts: 5 AED/for half kg. Global village sells them for 1 AED/piece.
* 1-kilogram Melon: 3AED.
* All types of leafy vegetables like coriander, curry leaves, mint leaves, spinach, fenugreek, french onions, 1-2AED maximum.

The fruits and vegetables are really fresh and of very superior quality. They are the kinds that you would find in one of the premium supermarkets like Spinneys and Waitrose but less than half the price.

Fruit and vegetable market Dubai

Just behind the fruit market, you will find a passage that leads you to a few grocery shops and a few vendors selling all kind of eggs. There are a few shops selling dates, chocolates, Indian spices, etc and they can be purchased loose it does not have to be half kilogram packets. Something like Carrefour offers, but, obviously better price. (price of this jumbo pistachios 25 AED for half a kilogram) One could also find all kinds of rice, lentils, all kinds of pasta, sauces, oils, etc. All of these can be purchased loose. Example 200 grams of rice, 150 grams of almonds etc.

This place is certainly one of its kind. It is ideal for grocery shopping and it is definitely a lot reasonable than other places I have been. Below is the list of things we bought and how much we spent

* Avocado: half kilograms
* Cob Corns: 2 pieces
* fenugreek leaves: 6 bundles
* Persimmon fruit: 1 kilogram
* 1kg Kingfish. (2 pieces)
* Prawns: Half kilograms
* French beans: Half Kilograms
* French onions: 2 Bundles
* Coriander leaves: 5 Bundles
* Green chillies: 100 grams.
* White onions: Half a kilogram.
* Beetroot: 1 Piece.
* Cucumber: Half a Kilogram
* Chestnuts: Half a kilogram
* Melon: 1kg.
* Coconut water: 14 pieces.

Dubai fruit and vegetable market deira

  • Fruits and Vegetables Market location is the same as the Fish Market.
  • The name of the market is the Deira Waterfront Market.
  • The fruits and Vegetables are of superior quality and you can also get other groceries in here.
  • There is a separate section for meat, fish and vegetables.
  • bargaining is common in here.

Next time you think grocery think of this post and it’s benefits and head straight to DEIRA WATERFRONT MARKET and do leave a comment if you like shopping here. Enjoy shopping. Stay Healthy Eat Fresh. Bon Appetite People!!!! If you like to pin the below image.

Deira vegetable market


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