7 Days Portugal Road Trip Itinerary

Ultimate 7 Days Portugal Itinerary – A Road Trip.

Quite confused after seeing the title? You must be wondering if this is practically possible to see Portugal within just 7 days? But everything is possible on Earth with a bit of planning and organisation. To be honest, vacations are never enough. But it is important to plan if you love to travel, despite your busy schedule. This 7 days Portugal road trip itinerary is your detailed guide, which will help you to complete your vacation to Portugal within 7 days in a spaced out matter.

Going through the particular list, you will be able to discover a bunch of touristic places, which are a must visit in Portugal. However, there are some places too that are hidden or are, less popular amongst the tourists. If you are visiting Portugal for the first time, then you may not know about these hidden places. Thus, to complete a 7 days Portugal Itinerary trip, we will give you a guide regarding how to plan your trip to Portugal which includes a budget plan, accommodations, and, transportation too.

7 Days Portugal Road Trip Itinerary – 

Portugal is one of the beautiful European countries very rich in history and culture. The country offers everything that can interest many travellers around the world – Good food, great wine, lovely people, perfect coffee, amazing places to visit are only a few to name. As we research through the map of Portugal Itinerary, we can assure you to enjoy the trip to Portugal, at it’s best.

Welcome, aboard let’s start our fun trip and look at Where to go and what to see in Portugal?

This trip was with my Mom, Husband and me. Since this is going to be a 7 days road trip to Portugal, as we landed in Lisbon, we rented a car from Hertz. We took a manual drive on rent, as the automatic drive was slightly on the expensive side around Europe.

It was a lot easier for us, as I have a family in Portugal, in a place called Barreiro that’s where our first stop was. Barreiro is a quite and a residential area. You do not have to go to Barreiro I have attached a link below for your stay plenty of options to choose from. The good part about Barreiro was it was close to a ferry. By road, it would be a maximum of 25 minutes drive (on the other side of the bridge). It is obviously cheaper as there are no tourists there, the boat takes you straight to the Lisbon city within 20 minutes. The boat timing is on every 30 minutes interval on the weekdays and every hour on the weekends. The cost of the boat ticket is approximate, €2 one way. Accommodation in Lisbon.

Day 1: Lisbon: What to see in Lisbon?

Lisbon, a city filled with cobblestones streets, fancy walls and obviously, a lot of greens on the side. Book your stay anywhere in Lisbon city. We personally preferred to take the Hop On Hop Off bus, which was probably the best way to go around Lisbon City. Instead of going around in a car, the bus is better as it guides you through this Vintage city. Also, there was a pre-recorded audio about the cities history and culture, which was quite informative and were available in different languages. The bus stops both in the old and new town giving you enough time to soak in the culture marvel at the houses and the Portuguese lifestyle. The funiculars are a great way to get a panoramic view of the city but beautiful things come with a price of €20/person. Travelling by tram is also a good way to go around the heritage but be mindful of the traffic. Besides, there are multiple options to choose from and there are passes which are valid for 48 hours. One can also do the DIY walking tour in the town which is a perfect tour for the adventurers. While walking through these roads, you can enjoy the restaurants and the bars located beside the roads. The most popular among the local eateries are the wine and their popular Pastel de Nata (egg tarts).

Hop On Hop Off Cruising through the city


Funiculars In Lisbon
Funiculars In Lisbon


Trams In Lisbon
Vintage trams.


Lisbon City Center
City Centre



Fun things to do in Lisbon:

During your holiday do make sure to try out their local dessert Pastel Da Natas (egg tarts), and local Beer Sarges. Seafood is also popular here and one can never go wrong while ordering it. Another authentic dish to try is the Arroz De Polvo (Octopus Pulao).

Pastel De Nata
Pastel De Nata.


 Arroz De Polvo (Octopus Pulao).
Arroz De Polvo (Octopus Pulao).


Port Wine


Enjoy the Nightlife in Lisbon.

Rua Nova Do Carvalho also popularly known as “Pink Street”, is among one of the best attractions in Lisbon city. The paved streets that connect the bars and clubs are painted in pink and hence it is literally named after it’s colour, “The Pink Street”.

Pink Street is extremely famous amongst the tourist and the locals. It is also voted in the list of the top 12 favourite streets in Europe and also considered as one of the places that experience the best nightlife in Lisbon. It is easy to spot the locals and the tourist dancing and drinking on the streets until dawn. If you have ever been to Hongkong, it will remind you of the LKF street which has a similar concept in all.

Pink Street Lisbon
Pink Street


What is Time Out Market in Lisbon?

Just behind the Pink street, about a 5 minutes walk, it will take you to the Time Out Market. As the name suggests, it is a market of food stalls offering you a versatile menu. In simple words, it is more like a huge food court with plenty of options for casual diners, music and dance lovers. There is bar kiosk as well in here which is considered as one of the favourite places to hang out. After about 11 PM you will see the locals pairing up with strangers and dancing salsa which is really exciting. It is a great chance to meet and communicate with the new people, and even locals. This place is usually heavily crowded on Friday nights throughout the weekend. Overall, it serves as a great place to meet with the locals and enjoy their traditional food, drinks and dance through.

Opening Hours of the Time Out Market: 10 AM – 02 AM

If you have one day in the Lisbon city, activities above are the highly recommended. In short, if you do the sightseeing tour of the city during the day and enjoy the nightlife in the evening, I assure you to enjoy a perfect day in Lisbon.

Time Out Market Lisbon
Time Out Market Lisbon


Time Out Market Lisbon
Time Out Market Lisbon


Day 2: Sintra, Cascais and Boca Do Inferno and Cabo Da Roca (mouth of hell):

Sintra: What Is Sintra?

Sintra is a municipality of the Lisbon district. The Cultural Landscape of Sintra was classified by UNESCO in 1995 as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE. It encompasses some of Portugal’s most important parks and monuments. Sintra in Portugal is highly popular among the tourist. The most popular and AWARD WINNING Castle is THE MOORISH CASTLE. This Castle has won 2 consecutive awards in 2013 and 2014 by the World’s Leading Conservation Company, in short, the winner of WORLD TRAVEL AWARD.

Moorish Castle (Known Facts):

The Moorish Castle is a military fort that was built around the 10th century by the Muslim Population that occupied the Iberian peninsula. This Castle has complete control over the Atlantic coast and land towards the north, which serves as an outpost for the Lisbon City. It is strategically located to defend the local territory and maritime access to the city of Lisbon. Walk to the Moorish Castle is an easy 10 minutes climb.

Pene Palace: Just about 20 minutes walk from Moorish Place will take you to another beautiful and colourful palace, called the Pena Palace.

Pene Palace.
Pene Palace.


You can include this in your trip if you have a minimum of 48 hours to spend in Lisbon.

Distance: 30 mins from Lisbon City.

How to get there: There are plenty of ways to get there.

1) Public transport like Bus OR train,

2) Uber or taxi but it can be expensive. OR

3) You can drive as we did. Driving is simple here in Portugal with plenty of parking spaces in Sintra.

Things to do in Sintra:

There are numerous parks and palaces here to choose from. (We visited the Moorish  Castle). Sintar offers carriage tours, horse riding tours, hop on hop off tours etc. There are also many tour buses available, which covers both Sintra and Cabo da Roca.

Cost:  8€/person to enter the castle.

Time Needed in Sintra:

Depending on your point of interest to travel around, we chose a few spots that we would like to visit. We also took a walk around to those places which gave us a lot of scopes to see a lot of things on the way.

I would like to conclude that Sintra during the Summer and Falls can really get very colourful, thanks to the beautiful landscape. So, make sure you visit during the summers to experience the beauty of nature.

HEADS UP:  As per the Portugal Law, most museums are closed on the Mondays as they are open during the weekends. Expect an unreasonable crowd on Monday’s the museums are closed in the city and the locals have to place else to go. After admiring this award-winning monument, our next stop would be Cascais. Please book your tickets to the museum in advance to avoid this massive queue.




 Cabo De St. Vincent, Sagres.

What is Cabo De St Vincent Sarges? And why visit it? 

Cabo De St Vincent is the southwesternmost point of Portugal and Mainland Europe. Here stands the Cape Vincent Lighthouse which is a popular landmark in the city. You can also witness the ships travelling to and from the Mediterranean Sea here. The lighthouse is situated in a position which grants you to enjoy the views of the North and the South Coast of Portugal by standing at one point. It is the perfect place to watch the sunsets and take beautiful photographs here.

Distance: From PORTIMAO 61km/38Miles, 1hour Drive.

Cost and Parking: There is a minimal charge to enter Cabo de St Vincent. Parking was free.

Things to do in Cabo St Vincent: View the lighthouse and the southwestern point. Take plenty of pictures of the blue ocean.

Time Needed: Maximum one hour.

After Checking out from the Hotel In Almancil, we headed back to Barreiro. Now, we are heading towards the North of Portugal.

Birthday Family Dinner.

Day 6: Fatima and Porto. The distance between Lisbon to Porto.

Fatima is a very well-known Catholic pilgrimage site. It is very famous amongst tourist for offering some of the greatest attractions. This place is on the way when you are heading towards Porto. However, a tourist visiting Portugal must ensure that they pay a visit to this holy church. Photography was prohibited at this a pilgrimage site then, so couldn’t click any pictures.

Distance: From Lisbon 126Km/78Miles, 1.5 hours.

Cost and Parking: Free.

Things to do: I think you should pray;)

Time Needed: Depends on your spirituality. Our spirituality lasted for 30 minutes.

After feeling refreshed and cleansing our souls, we started for our next stop, Porto. Before I tell you anything about Porto, The only reason for us to drive up to Porto, was to reach the Duoro Valley, which is Portugal’s Wine Country. There is a lot to write about Douro Valley,  hence I have decided to write a separate blog on Douro Valley later.

However, the trip to Portugal and Duoro Valley took only a day there and that probably answers your earlier question on a week or 10 days trip to Portugal by clubbing the 2 as we did. However, if you do not like to club, then there are several activities you can try. 

Porto and its Must Do Day trips:

Why Porto?

Back in the days, wines from Douro Valley were transported down the Douro river, to the coastal city of Porto, from where it was supplied to the rest of the world. The world-famous Portuguese Port Wine is also named after Porto. Since my husband and I are true wine lovers, we wasted no time and headed towards the Douro Valley on the next day,  leaving my mom and my aunt behind in Porto. You can also do a Full day wine tour from Porto to Douro Valley.

This full day tour takes about 9 Hours it is best for travellers with less time and still would love to see the beautiful Douro Valley

Distance: From Fatima 196Km/ 122Miles, 2hours.

Things to do in Porto:  Booked the Porto Cruise Hop-on-Hop-Off Cruise and Wine cellar Tour for the ladies.

Cost: 45€/person Lunch inclusive.

Time Needed:  Half a day.

Stay: Plenty of apartments and Airbnb options around. We chose Alfredo De Cunha. 

Cost: This centrally located 1 bedroom Apartment had a fully equipped kitchen and a balcony. It had space for 4 Adults. The beach was about 10 minutes walk. So, the cost to be paid was very affordable.

Cost of the Apartment:  80€/night good for 4 persons.

Day 7: Lisbon:

Back to base. Depending on your flight timings, we suggest you book your stay back. If your flight is in the night, enjoy the city one last time because you can never get enough of it. Cover up the things that you missed on the first day and try to put your focus on the intricate details.

We spent our next 3 days in Douro Valley. I will leave you with some pictures (below) as a teaser so that you can consider the Duoro Valley as a part of your trip. You can also book for a Full Day Wine Tour if you have a wine fetish like me or if you have less time. The link is attached above.

Douro Valley
Douro Valley

I hope you have enjoyed these best 7 days in Portugal. We tried our best to provide you with an idea on what to expect, where to stay and also for the budget planning for your trip. I am going to give you a rough sketch about how much I have spent on per person for our 5 days trip to Portugal.


This Portugal itinerary is suitable until the fall season.

You can plan this itinerary as per your requirement. You can squeeze it to 5 days or extend it for 10 days.

Enjoy the nightlife of Portugal in Albufeira and Lisbon.

Try the local food.

Check out all your options on where to stay in Portugal especially during peak season.

Visit Portugal before the winters make the most of this country.

Remember there are plenty of Day trips to choose from in the whole of Portugal.

  • Cost for Car: 5 days 115€ fuel excluded ( Prices are subject to change during Peak and Non-Peak season )
  • Stay/food /activities: Approximately 400€/person for 5 days.
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