best place to buy fresh fish in dubai

Where to Buy Fresh Fish in Dubai?

Wondering about the best place to buy fresh fish in Dubai? Well, if you are like us and you have literally tried meat, fruits and vegetables in Dubai from most supermarkets and you are still left unsatisfied with its quality or price then I am going to share with you a secret from where I buy fresh fish in Dubai and not only vegetables but also meat and I am also going to highlight an ideal Dubai fruit market for you.

When Purnendu and I, moved to Dubai, we did find ourselves unhappy as it was getting difficult to find that one place that one fresh vegetable market in Dubai that would suffice our needs and suit our budget. Not long ago we got introduced to a place where we could buy all 3 in one, quality seafood, organic fruits and vegetables which is not only FRESH but amazingly REASONABLE and not fishy at all;)

If you are reading this I am pretty sure you have been unsatisfied as well. UAE lies within the Arabian Desert and to find something this fresh definitely is magic. It certainly is one of its kind.  Let’s start fishing;)

Guide on Best Place to buy Fresh Fish in Dubai:

Without wasting a single minute, I am going to reveal that secret where you can buy fresh fish and meat, quality fruits and vegetables in Dubai. Here it is!  They all are under one roof go rush to Deira Waterfront Market. Promise to come back and read the rest of the post. Although I would like you to read a few important things before you get there.

Deira Waterfront Market Location: 

Al Khaleej Road, Opposite Dubai Hospital, Corniche Deira, alternatively you may type Deira Waterfront Market on your GPS I am certain it will take you to the right place.

Let me give you a little brief on Deira:

Before you move ahead to visit Deira Waterfront Market here’s a brief background about it. Bordered by the Persian Gulf, Dubai Creek and Sharjah, Deira is an area in Dubai. Years ago Deira was the commercial hub for Dubai. Since it’s development, it is losing its importance.

Deira is developed since then with many modern buildings and a popular mall called the Deira City Center, underground metro track, many hotel apartments around as well. There are many amazing things to do in Old Deira.

Deira Waterfront market
                                                                                          Deira Waterfront Market Entrance View 


 Deira Waterfront Market:

The original Deira Fish market was near Deira Corniche. Not only is this area the heart of Dubai but also a place for daily commuters. Entry into Deira would welcome you with the stink of fish from the market. To maintain hygiene and also make traffic easy for daily commuters Dubai government shut down the old Deira fish market in 2016.

It opened its doors again for residence in 2017 with a new look, new location and with a new name Deira Waterfront Market. So to clear your confusion in one statement Deira Fish Market is now new Deira Market but popularly known as Deira Waterfront Market.

The Waterfront Market is more like a large shopping mall, which hosts cafe’s, fruits and vegetable market, restaurants, fish market, meat and all kinds of poultry, etc. Like I mentioned earlier this is a one-stop place to buy fresh fish, fruits and vegetables or any other kind of grocery.

Deira Waterfront Market Parking:

So that answers your next concern, Yes! there is loads of parking in the mall. It is a Fish Market, so yes it does smell fishy, but only in the parking area as it is a confined space. This souk (market) is huge, and since it is in the mall, it is air-conditioned clean and hygienic. The fishermen here work very hard all day to get the best fish in the market.

These fishermen are highly intelligent and multicultural individuals. They originally are from different countries but have been in UAE throughout their lives running and successfully developing this business. They are very efficient at what they do. They speak many foreign dialects and that too very fluently. They sure have a way to entertain you through their diverse knowledge of Seafood.

Deira fish market
                                                  Main Shopping Area of Deira Water Front Fish Market

Deira Waterfront market timing

Deira fish market dubai

waterfront market dubai timings


Deira Waterfront Market Timing:

Well, the good news is the Deira fish market timings are very flexible. This Fish Market is open 24/7, 365 days Yes!!! 24 HOURS. To be precise the Deira fish market opening hours are 22 hours. They are closed for 2 hours during the day for cleaning purposes. Well in the end that was the intent of the new market to keep the area clean for users.

Deira Fish market closing time: 

The closing time of Deira Fishmarket is as follow:

* Saturday – Thursday: 2 pm to 4 pm
* Friday 12 pm to 1:30 pm.

deira fish market timing


Variety of Seafood

Phwww!!!! Well if my buddies are reading this blog they are definitely making fun of me as they read. I am typically one of them who thoroughly loves seafood but unlike other seafood lovers, I have no knowledge or the strength to be in the market for too long. I have no idea on how to buy a fresh fish, what should I be looking at, nothing, nada.

That’s where I took the expert advice, Purnendu. Purnendu, by the way, for people who haven’t read about us, Purnendu is born with a fish in his mouth. He is from West Bengal Kolkotta, where fish is considered holy and also, is a staple diet for the aboriginals of West Bengal.

Allow me to share a secret, they also Gift a fish for the bride during the wedding ceremony. Yes!! I got one too. No jokes. So next time you encounter a Bengali and if you want to win his heart or charm him with a seafood lovers gift, cook him a fish curry and he will love you for eternity;)

waterfront market

Sorry, getting back to Deira Waterfront Market, this seafood market offers a variety of different seafood. Now the list is ongoing so let me try shortlisting the popular variety of seafood for you. I am sure you will get a large variety of seafood at this Deira Waterfront Market. 

* Shrimps
* Prawns/Tiger prawns
* Lobsters
* Squids
* Crabs
* Seabass
* Mackerel
* Anchovies
* King Fish
* Salmon
* Tuna
* Sardines
* Hamour (local)
* Mussels
* Octopus
* Eel
* Scallops

fruits and vegetables in dubai

dubai fruit and vegetable market

That’s how far my knowledge for seafood goes, but clearly, it doesn’t stop there. Seafood lovers you are going to spot all your favorites here. There are millions and trillions of options to choose from. Purnendu is kind, he likes to keep things easy for me he says, “Baby, you just decide the shape, color and size rest I’ll take over, come back to BARGAIN though;)


deira waterfront dubai

Deira Fish Market Prices:

Yes!!! Ladies use all your bargaining skills here, you are so going to need them. The whole Deira Fish Market runs on negotiation and bargains. The trick to getting the price you desire is buy in bulk. The sellers here know that the general working crowd normally stocks up for a week. I personally feel it is better to stock up if you do not live anywhere close to the Deira Fish Market as the prices are really tempting.

But if you are like me who buys 2 pieces and still bargains without annoying them, you might get a good deal. The price for 2 Kingfish, total weight of the fish was 1 kilogram and few grams he quoted us AED 30 and ended up buying in AED 20. Price for half kilogram Prawns was around the same price AED 30  we got them for AED 22. Price for 2 kilograms Salmon (2 fillets) quoted AED 60 we purchased them for AED 40.

Compare Prices:

If you have ever shopped fish from other Dubai fish markets around like the Carefore or Spinneys you know it by now, it is dirt cheap. Salmon in many supermarkets cost nothing less than AED80 for 1 fillet, half kilogram Prawns are for around roughly AED50, and you might not even get kingfish so forget about it. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they also are the fresh catch.

Choices of Meat?

All kind of meat:  Beef, lamb, chicken. All kind of red meat. 2 kilograms of chicken 30 AED.
They can make the pieces as per your requirement. If you only want Breast pieces or only leg pieces or you want them cut in cubes. You get them all.

waterfront meat market


The Deira Waterfront market is very well sectioned and organized. There is a separate section where you can give the fish for cleaning. You will be surprised at how unbelievably clean the place is. They clean all kind of meat here too. They prepare fillets and like mentioned earlier you can also get boneless chicken cubes if you wish.

This system is very organized. It works on the number system. When you give the meat, you will get a coupon that has a number, just like the ones in banks, wait for your number to reflect on the screen and there it is. There are big TV screens displayed all around the waiting/seating area.

Waiting time: Maximum of 10 mins.

deira meat market


deira waterfront opening hours
Cleaning Section at Deira Waterfront Market
deira waterfront market timing
A TV screen with all the coupon number.

Deira Waterfront Market Restaurant:

There are quite a few restaurants in the waterfront market to choose from. The best part about these restaurants is, not only do they sell a variety of popular seafood options, but, also you have the leverage to buy and choose the fresh catch from them or buy it from the waterfront market and they will cook it for you as per your requirement obviously this is a paid service.

deira waterfront market restaurant

deira waterfront market location

Well, we have tried both we have cooked and had a meal in the restaurants on our lazy days. Purnendu normally cooks;) while I make my self useful, and wait with chilled beers. We also buy meat from here and go for bonfires or travel to Fujairah on weekends and enjoy barbequing there.

That’s our home cooked Meal.



  1. If you want to buy fresh fish in Dubai visit Deira Waterfront Market.
  2. Deira Waterfront Market is the new name for Deira Fish Market.
  3. The Deira Waterfront market has a new location too, it is in Al Khaleej Road.
  4. Fish and Meat Market is open 24 hours.
  5. Fruits and vegetable market is open for 7 am to 01 pm.
  6. It does not matter what you buy fish, meat, fruits or vegetables you can bargain for all and get good quality and quantity.

Hope this was an appetizing post for you. Next time you think grocery think of this post and it’s benefits and head straight to DEIRA WATERFRONT MARKET and do leave a comment if you like shopping here. Enjoy shopping. Stay Healthy Eat Fresh. Bon Appetite People!!!! If you like to pin the below image.

vegetables and fruits in dubai

Ankita Magdani

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