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All About The Scholar Minimal Wage In Ontario

The scholar minimal wage in Ontario is $15.60 per hour in 2024.

In Ontario, there may be the overall minimal wage, which is 16.55 per hour in 2024, and numerous particular minimal wages, together with, the coed minimal wage.

How To Know If The Scholar Minimal Wage Applies?

The particular scholar minimal wage is detailed beneath part 23.1(1)(i) of Ontario’s Employment Requirements Act. There, that is precisely what the Employment Requirements Act says in respect of the coed minimal wage in Ontario:

Willpower of minimal wage

23.1 (1) The minimal wage is the next:

1.i.) For workers who’re college students beneath 18 years of age, if the coed’s weekly hours don’t exceed 28 hours or if the coed is employed throughout a faculty vacation, $15.60 per hour.


In layman’s phrases, Ontario’s scholar minimal wage applies solely to college students who’re beneath 18 years of age who work 28 hours every week or much less in the course of the college yr or the summer season break.

The Employment Requirements Act doesn’t outline “scholar,” however for the aim of the coed wage, a scholar is taken into account to be somebody who attends an elementary, secondary, or post-secondary establishment. Nonetheless, to qualify for the coed minimal wage, a person have to be beneath 18 years of age. Therefore, many first and second yr school/college scholar” could be entitled to the overall minimal wage, not the coed minimal wage.

If an adolescent shouldn’t be enrolled at school or on a summer season vacation from college, they have to be paid the overall minimal wage, no matter being beneath 18. Employers are accountable for verifying that a person qualifies for the coed minimal wage — basically confirming that the younger worker is both enrolled at school or on a faculty break. Certainly, employers could ask an younger employee for proof they’re at school.

One other factor to spotlight: Solely college students who work 28 hours or much less per week might be paid the the coed minimal wage.

Why Is There A Scholar Minimal Wage?

This scholar minimal wage price price was established to assist youthful folks achieve employment, acknowledging that they is probably not as aggressive within the job market in comparison with adults or school college students who could also be considered by employers as being extra succesful.



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