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IELTS Talking Check, Half 2 query with Band 9 reply: Describe an space of science you are fascinated by

IELTS Model Speaking Answers Band 9, 2023

Here’s a Band 9 Talking Half 2 reply for the cue card “Describe an space of science you’re fascinated by”. This cue card has been seen not too long ago in lots of take a look at centres around the globe. The reply under exhibits a great way to answer this query.

Watch and pay attention within the video, or learn the mannequin reply under:


Talking take a look at

Half 2 (Cue Card)

Describe an space of science you’re fascinated by. You must say

– once you first heard about it
– the place it occurred
– the way you heard about it

and clarify why you have an interest on this space of science.


You understand, genetics has at all times been this charming puzzle for me. I can hint this curiosity again to highschool, in Ms. Johnson’s biology class. She had this knack for taking these mind-boggling ideas and turning them into fascinating tales. So, there I used to be, sitting in school at some point, and he or she begins unraveling the thriller of DNA – you realize, that tiny code that’s just like the instruction guide for all times.

Are you able to think about? In these microscopic strands, all of the issues that make us who we’re – from the best way we smile to why a few of us can style bitterness extra intensely. It’s like we’re all characters on this unbelievable genetic novel, every chapter telling a special story about our ancestry.

However what actually acquired me hooked was the concept of inheritance. You take a look at your dad and mom, your grandparents, and instantly, every little thing clicks. I realised that my love for music and Dad’s knack for fixing issues – it’s all written in our genes. It’s like we inherit this distinctive household legacy, not simply in traits however within the quirks and abilities that make us particular.

The true magic occurs when you concentrate on how this information is shaping our world. Personalised medication, for example – it’s mind-blowing. Docs can tailor therapies primarily based on our genetic make-up, guaranteeing they’re not simply efficient but in addition safer for us. And agriculture? Genetically modified crops are revolutionising the best way we develop meals, making it extra resilient and accessible to thousands and thousands.

Each time I dive into this genetic world, I really feel like I’m on this unbelievable journey. It’s not nearly science; it’s about understanding ourselves and our place within the grand scheme of issues. It’s like peering into the code of life itself. The extra I study, the extra I’m satisfied that genetics isn’t only a topic – it’s a journey into the very essence of what makes us human.

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