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Insights from a Band 9 Speaker

The primary a part of the IELTS Talking check contains introduction questions and subjects, reminiscent of ‘Happiness’ and ‘Sports activities‘. The objective right here is to ship brief, articulate responses utilizing a spread of vocabulary and expressions. Listed here are some examples of how Diyorbek dealt with this part:

  • Vocabulary:

    “Individuals with completely different backgrounds”

    “Prosperous components of the town”

    “It’s rising by leaps and bounds”

    “I don’t know the precise statistics”

Prosperous = rich 

By leaps and bounds = quite a bit and rapidly

Statistics = numbers 

  • Collocations:

    “The vacationer season”

    “Unimaginable structure”

  • Happiness Vocabulary:

    “I’m pleased after I spend high quality time with my buddies

    “Something beneath the solar”

    “A carefree childhood”

    “I derive quite a lot of pleasure from what I do”

High quality time = time spent with somebody giving them full consideration

Something beneath the solar = something in any respect

A carefree childhood = a childhood with out worries 

I deride pleasure from ___ = I benefit from _____

  • Sport Vocabulary:

    “I’m fairly into health”

    “I used to be a pure (at soccer)”

    “I can dribble simply”

To be a pure (at one thing) = to be naturally gifted (at one thing)

To dribble = to run with a ball at your toes

  • Idioms:

    “To not toot my very own horn”

    “To blow my very own trumpet”

  • To toot my very own horn (US) 
  • To blow my very own trumpet (UK)

Each these idioms imply to ‘boast’ or say you’re the greatest at one thing.



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