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Is It Labor Or Labour?

The phrases “labor” and “labour” could appear an identical – they are pronounced the identical and imply the identical factor, however there’s one delicate distinction – the letter “u”. 

When do you have to use the letter “u” once you spell the phrases labour/labor?

British vs American English

The major distinction between “labor” and “labour” is within the spelling utilized in British and American English.

The spelling labour with a “u” is most popular within the British Commonwealth, together with Canada. Right here’s the break down:

  • Labour: This spelling is the usual type in British English and different Commonwealth international locations like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In these areas, the phrase refers to work, particularly bodily work, however is used principally in authorized and political contexts.
  • Labor: That is the American English spelling of the phrase, and it’s utilized in the US. It shares the identical that means as “labour” however follows the American linguistic custom.

In abstract, right here’s all it is advisable find out about labour vs labor:

  • Labour with the “u is utilized in British English (together with all Commonwealth international locations, like Canada).
  • Labor with out “u is utilized in American English.

In Authorized and Political Phrases

In some English-speaking international locations, “Labour” would possibly confer with a political celebration, such because the Labour Social gathering within the UK. 

In a authorized context, labour/labor represents the individuals, work, legal guidelines, guidelines, and rules associated to unionized employment. For instance, I’m a labour and employment lawyer. I’ve to write down the phrase “labour” lots. And I at all times must struggle my American-made spellchecker as I, appropriately, spell it with an “u”. It is because I’m in Canada and the fitting method to spell labour (as in unionized employment) is “labour” not “labor”. 

In Medical Terminology

“Labor/Labour” may also confer with the method of childbirth in each American and British English. It describes the phases a girl goes via as she provides start. Once more, it’s “labour” in Commonwealth international locations and “labor” within the US when describing when a girl begins to provide start.

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Labour vs Labor. Picture by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Not Each Time

For no matter motive, in Commonwealth counties, together with Canada, the “u” is dropped within the time period “laborious”. (Supply)


Selecting “labor” or “labour” depends upon the place you on the planet. In Commonwealth international locations just like the UK and Canada, we use the letter “u” to spell labour and within the USA, they don’t. Keep in mind to contemplate your viewers’s location with every spelling and adapt your writing fashion accordingly. 

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