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US Visa Acceptance Price 2022: Professional Steering & Ideas

US Visa Acceptance Price 2022 affords an in depth overview of the success and rejection charges for numerous kinds of visas. From B1/B2 visas for enterprise and tourism to H1B & H3 visas for specialised employment, this information examines the newest statistics. Delving into F1 & F2 visas for college students, J1 & J2 for alternate guests, and even lesser-known classes, we offer an exhaustive take a look at U.S. visa approval and rejection charges for 2022 and past.

US Visa Acceptance Rate 2022
US Visa Acceptance Price 2022 For All Sorts of Functions

1. US Visa Acceptance Price 2022

A International Overview: US Visa Acceptance and Rejection in 2022

The visa utility course of can usually really feel like a labyrinth, with numerous classes and ranging charges of acceptance and rejection. Whereas particular person experiences might differ, understanding the larger image can supply worthwhile insights into your personal journey towards acquiring a U.S. visa.

For the fiscal 12 months 2022, a whopping 8,091,313 visa purposes have been submitted throughout all classes. Of those, 6,815,120 have been issued, whereas 1,276,193 have been refused. This places the general US visa success fee at roughly 84.23% and the US visa refusal fee at 15.77%.

Excessive US Visa Acceptance Price in 2022

These figures supply a broad perspective, indicating that the percentages are typically in favor of the applicant. An 84.23% US visa success fee suggests a comparatively excessive chance of visa approval, offering a ray of hope for these within the course of or contemplating an utility.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to keep in mind that these are mixture numbers and may differ considerably relying on the particular visa class. Within the following sections, we’ll delve into these classes to supply a extra nuanced understanding of U.S. visa acceptance charges.

2. B1/B2 Visa Approval Price 2022

A Nearer Take a look at B Sort Visas: What the Numbers Say

For a lot of people looking for to journey to the US for enterprise, tourism, or particular non-employment causes, the B Sort visas are sometimes the go-to possibility. This class encompasses numerous sub-types, every with its personal set of acceptance and rejection charges that may present a extra tailor-made understanding of your probabilities.

B1 Visa Approval Price for Enterprise Vacationers

Within the fiscal 12 months 2022, there have been 25,714 purposes for the B1 visa, focusing on enterprise vacationers. Of those, 21,943 have been issued, and three,771 have been refused. This ends in an encouraging US B1 visa approval fee of 85.33% and a refusal fee of 14.67%. When you’re planning a enterprise journey, these numbers supply a positive outlook.

B1/B2 Visa Acceptance Price for Enterprise and Tourism Mixed

The B1/B2 visa, a extra versatile possibility catering to each enterprise and vacationer actions, had a complete of 4,063,202 purposes. A big 3,228,199 have been issued, however 835,003 have been refused. Though the numbers are giant, the success fee stands at 79.45%, with a refusal fee of 20.55%. This class has a barely larger danger however nonetheless represents good odds for approval.

B2 Visas: US Vacationer Visa Rejection Price 2022

The B2 visas, particularly for vacationers, had 8,575 purposes, with 5,905 approvals and a couple of,670 rejections. The success fee right here is 68.86%, which is considerably decrease than its B1 and B1/B2 counterparts, however nonetheless, over two-thirds of candidates are profitable. The refusal fee is 31.14%, indicating a better stage of scrutiny on this class.

BBBCC and BBBCV: Particular Classes

Then now we have the BBBCC and BBBCV, that are particular classes inside the B Sort visas. BBBCC had a putting 94.08% success fee with 1,182,329 approvals out of 1,256,695 purposes. BBBCV adopted intently with a 91.04% success fee based mostly on 62,153 approvals from 68,272 purposes. Each these classes supply very excessive possibilities of approval, with refusal charges of solely 5.92% and eight.96%, respectively.

B1/B2 Visa Approval Price 2022: Abstract

The B Sort visas supply a variety of choices and success charges, catering to numerous wants and circumstances. Understanding these figures can enormously help in setting real looking expectations and making ready a sturdy utility.

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US Visa Approval Rate 2022
An Insightful Overview of US Visa Approval Charges for Varied Classes in 2022

3. F1 & F2 Visa Rejection Price 2022

F Sort Visas: The Panorama for College students and Dependents

America is among the hottest locations for worldwide college students, and the F Sort visas function the first gateway for tutorial alternatives. Nevertheless, the success charges for these visas point out that they’re topic to rigorous scrutiny.

F1 Visas: Tutorial College students

The F1 visa is designed for tutorial college students and is essentially the most applied-for inside the F Sort class. In FY 2022, there have been 631,807 purposes for the F1 visa. Of those, 411,131 have been authorized whereas 220,676 have been refused. This interprets to successful fee of 65.07% and a refusal fee of 34.93%. Given the amount of purposes, it’s clear that the F1 visa is extremely aggressive, and candidates must be well-prepared to face the screening course of.

F2 Visas: Dependents of F1 Visa Holders

The F2 visa is supposed for the dependents of F1 visa holders, sometimes members of the family who accompany the scholar. In 2022, there have been 46,728 F2 visa purposes. Out of those, 25,887 have been authorized, and 20,841 have been rejected. This offers us successful fee of 55.40% and a refusal fee of 44.60%. These figures recommend that securing an F2 visa will be difficult and should require further documentation or proof to assist the appliance.

F3 Visas: No Functions

It’s value noting that there have been no purposes for the F3 visa in FY 2022. Consequently, there are not any statistics to report for this class, which naturally raises questions on its present relevance or utility.

The F-3 visa is designed for “border commuter college students” who’re residents of Canada or Mexico and reside of their residence nation whereas commuting to the US for part-time examine at an accredited U.S. educational establishment. Not like the F-1 visa, which is for full-time college students, the F-3 visa is particularly for individuals who stay in Canada or Mexico and commute to the U.S. for his or her research.

The rationale there could also be no purposes for the F-3 visa within the supplied information may fluctuate. It may very well be because of a lower in part-time instructional alternatives or maybe adjustments in immigration insurance policies. Nevertheless, with out particular information or updates, it’s onerous to pinpoint the precise motive for the shortage of purposes on this class for FY 2022.

Whereas the F Sort visas supply the promise of instructional alternatives within the U.S., their approval charges point out a aggressive panorama. Each college students and their dependents should be ready for an intensive analysis course of to extend the percentages of visa issuance.

4. H1B & H3 Visa Rejection Price 2023

Inspecting the H Sort Visas: A Deep Dive into Acceptance and Rejection Charges in 2022

The H Sort visas, designed primarily for non permanent employees and trainees, depict a compelling narrative in terms of visa issuance and refusal. This class is significant for these contemplating work-related alternatives in the US. Right here’s an in-depth take a look at the figures:

H1B: Specialty Occupations

  • Issued: 206,002
  • Refused: 5,020
  • Complete Functions: 211,022
  • Success Price: 97.62%
  • Refusal Price: 2.38%

The H1B visa, usually sought by professionals in specialty fields, reveals a excessive approval fee of almost 98%. This means that the U.S. remains to be a positive vacation spot for expert employees.

H1B1: Free Commerce Settlement Employees

  • Issued: 2,376
  • Refused: 129
  • Complete Functions: 2,505
  • Success Price: 94.85%
  • Refusal Price: 5.15%

This class, particularly designed for sure employees from Singapore and Chile, additionally boasts a excessive acceptance fee, nearing 95%.

H1C: Nurses in Well being Skilled Scarcity Areas

  • Issued: 0
  • Refused: 1
  • Complete Functions: 1
  • Success Price: 0.00%
  • Refusal Price: 100.00%

The H1C is an extremely specialised class for nurses, and the info signifies there was just one utility, which was refused.

H2A: Momentary Agricultural Employees

  • Issued: 298,336
  • Refused: 10,694
  • Complete Functions: 309,030
  • Success Price: 96.54%
  • Refusal Price: 3.46%

The H2A visa class, tailor-made for non permanent agricultural work, reveals sturdy figures with successful fee above 96%.

H2B: Momentary Non-Agricultural Employees

  • Issued: 124,644
  • Refused: 6,712
  • Complete Functions: 131,356
  • Success Price: 94.89%
  • Refusal Price: 5.11%

Much like the H2A, the H2B for non-agricultural employees additionally has a powerful success fee, standing at roughly 95%.

H3: Trainee or Particular Schooling Customer

  • Issued: 695
  • Refused: 105
  • Complete Functions: 800
  • Success Price: 86.88%
  • Refusal Price: 13.13%

The H3 visa, designed for trainees in numerous fields besides medical schooling, has an approval fee of almost 87%, which is decrease in comparison with different H sort visas however nonetheless commendable.

H4: Dependents of H Sort Visa Holders

  • Issued: 137,246
  • Refused: 3,514
  • Complete Functions: 140,760
  • Success Price: 97.50%
  • Refusal Price: 2.50%

The H4 visa, for dependents of H sort visa holders, rounds out this class with a stellar 97.5% success fee.

H1B & H3 Visa Rejection Price: Abstract

The excessive success charges throughout most H sort visas recommend that the U.S. stays a viable vacation spot for numerous types of non permanent employment and coaching, regardless of the executive hurdles usually related to U.S. immigration insurance policies.

5. J1 & J2 Visa Rejection Price 2022

Understanding J-Sort Visa Success and Rejection Charges in 2022

J-Sort visas are primarily meant for alternate guests and their dependents, designed to advertise cultural alternate and expertise growth. On this part, we delve into the approval and rejection statistics for J1 and J2 visa classes in 2022.

J1 Visa: The Mainstay of Cultural Trade

Within the J1 class, which frequently encompasses college students, students, and numerous sorts of trainees, the figures are fairly constructive. Out of 320,047 whole purposes, 284,486 have been authorized, leading to successful fee of 88.89%. In the meantime, 35,561 purposes have been refused, which interprets to a rejection fee of 11.11%. The info suggests that almost all of candidates on this class efficiently navigate the appliance course of, making it one of many extra attainable U.S. visa classes.

J2 Visa: For Dependents and Household

The J2 visa is designated for spouses and dependents of J1 visa holders. The approval fee is even larger on this class, standing at 92.03%. Out of 33,227 whole purposes, 30,579 have been authorized, whereas 2,648 have been refused, making the refusal fee simply 7.97%. These excessive approval charges point out that dependents of cultural alternate guests even have a very good probability of acquiring a visa.

J1 & J2 Visa Rejection Price 2022: Abstract

In abstract, the J-Sort visas show excessive approval charges, reaffirming their position in facilitating cultural alternate and educational pursuits. Whether or not you might be planning to be an alternate customer or a dependent, the statistics bode nicely on your utility.

6. C1D Visa Rejection Price 2022

Delving Into C and D Sort Visas: The Acceptance Panorama for 2022

In relation to C and D sort visas, the numbers reveal a principally favorable approval fee. These visa varieties are sometimes related to transit and crewmember statuses, that are important for international commerce and journey.

C1 Visas: Transit Visa

  • Issued: 8,643
  • Refused: 2,605
  • Complete Functions: 11,248
  • Success Price: 76.84%
  • Refusal Price: 23.16%

The C1 transit visa reveals successful fee of 76.84%, which signifies a comparatively excessive stage of scrutiny in comparison with different visa classes. That is possible as a result of transit visas can generally be a pathway for unauthorized entry into the U.S.

C1/D Visas: Mixed Transit and Crewmember Visa

  • Issued: 253,424
  • Refused: 10,454
  • Complete Functions: 263,878
  • Success Price: 96.04%
  • Refusal Price: 3.96%

Contrastingly, the C1/D visa, designed for transit and crewmembers, boasts a excessive approval fee of 96.04%, reflecting its specialised nature and, probably, extra stringent pre-application vetting.

C2 and C3 Visas: Particular Transit Visas

  • C2 Issued: 32 | C3 Issued: 3,337
  • C2 Refused: 4 | C3 Refused: 105
  • C2 Complete: 36 | C3 Complete: 3,442
  • C2 Success: 88.89% | C3 Success: 96.95%
  • C2 Refusal: 11.11% | C3 Refusal: 3.05%

C2 and C3 visas are used for people transiting to and from the United Nations Headquarters. The excessive approval charges for these classes (88.89% for C2 and 96.95% for C3) underscore their particular use-case and the diplomatic relations concerned.

CW1 and CW2 Visas: Commonwealth Transitional Employees

  • CW1 Issued: 1,041 | CW2 Issued: 244
  • CW1 Refused: 169 | CW2 Refused: 92
  • CW1 Complete: 1,210 | CW2 Complete: 336
  • CW1 Success: 86.03% | CW2 Success: 72.62%
  • CW1 Refusal: 13.97% | CW2 Refusal: 27.38%

The Commonwealth visas (CW1 and CW2) are for transitional employees and their dependents. Whereas CW1 has a excessive approval fee of 86.03%, CW2 faces a a lot larger refusal fee at 27.38%, which suggests various eligibility necessities or screening processes.

D Visas: Crewmember Visa

  • Issued: 7,381
  • Refused: 566
  • Complete Functions: 7,947
  • Success Price: 92.88%
  • Refusal Price: 7.12%

The D visa, particularly for crewmembers on sea vessels or worldwide airways, additionally displays a excessive approval fee of 92.88%. That is in keeping with its specialised nature, usually requiring candidates to satisfy strict standards for issuance.

In abstract, the C and D visa classes largely current a positive outlook for candidates, particularly for these with specialised expertise or functions. Nevertheless, the various refusal charges recommend that it’s essential for potential candidates to pay attention to the particular necessities and procedures for every class.

7. A-Sort US Visa Rejection Price 2022

A-Sort Visas: An In-Depth Evaluation of Approval and Rejection Charges in 2022

Within the realm of diplomatic and overseas government-related visas, the A-Sort class stands out for its exceptionally excessive approval charges. The visas inside this class are primarily designed for diplomats, authorities officers, and their assist workers. Right here’s an in depth take a look at the three sub-categories of A-Sort visas.

A1 Visas: For Ambassadors, Diplomats, and Excessive-Rating Officers

  • Issued: 9,395
  • Refused: 504
  • Complete Functions: 9,899
  • Success Price: 94.91%
  • Refusal Price: 5.09%

With a staggering success fee of 94.91%, the A1 visa class is among the many most reliably authorized. This isn’t shocking given the high-profile nature of the candidates, who sometimes bear thorough vetting even earlier than utility.

A2 Visas: For Different Overseas Authorities Officers and Staff

  • Issued: 85,752
  • Refused: 4,450
  • Complete Functions: 90,202
  • Success Price: 95.07%
  • Refusal Price: 4.93%

The A2 class demonstrates a fair larger success fee at 95.07%. These visas are sometimes granted to authorities officers under the extent of ambassador however who nonetheless play a vital position in diplomatic relations. The excessive approval fee suggests a mutual belief between international locations and their representatives.

A3 Visas: For Private Staff or Assistants to A1 and A2 Visa Holders

  • Issued: 808
  • Refused: 119
  • Complete Functions: 927
  • Success Price: 87.16%
  • Refusal Price: 12.84%

The A3 visa class, designed for assist workers accompanying A1 or A2 visa holders, experiences successful fee of 87.16%. Whereas that is decrease in comparison with the opposite A-Sort visas, it’s essential to think about that the assist workers might not at all times undergo the identical stage of pre-vetting as their diplomatic counterparts, which may clarify the upper refusal fee.

A-Sort US Visa Rejection Price 2022: Abstract

In abstract, the A-Sort visas showcase among the highest success charges amongst U.S. visa classes, affirming their specialised nature and the intensive screening that candidates sometimes bear. Nevertheless, candidates, particularly these making use of for A3 visas, must be diligent in making ready their purposes to maximise possibilities of approval.

8. L1 Visa Acceptance Price 2022

L-Sort Visas: Unpacking the Excessive Approval Charges in 2022

The L-Sort visas are integral for corporations working in each the U.S. and different international locations, permitting them to switch staff seamlessly throughout borders. These visas are sometimes granted for managerial or specialised data roles (L1) and their dependents (L2). Right here’s a better take a look at the 2 main sub-categories of L-Sort visas:

L1 Visas: For Managers and Specialised Staff

  • Issued: 72,958
  • Refused: 2,199
  • Complete Functions: 75,157
  • Success Price: 97.07%
  • Refusal Price: 2.93%

The L1 visas, designed for intracompany transferees, exhibit a outstanding success fee of 97.07%. The excessive approval fee will be attributed to the rigorous screening processes sometimes undertaken by corporations earlier than transferring their staff, coupled with the specialised expertise these staff normally possess.

L2 Visas: For Dependents of L1 Visa Holders

  • Issued: 78,448
  • Refused: 1,918
  • Complete Functions: 80,366
  • Success Price: 97.61%
  • Refusal Price: 2.39%

The L2 visa, which is meant for spouses and dependent youngsters of L1 visa holders, reveals a fair larger success fee at 97.61%. The excessive approval fee for L2 visas aligns with the L1 visa development, on condition that the approval of L1 usually results in a profitable L2 utility for dependents.

L1 Visa Acceptance Price 2022: Abstract

In conclusion, the L-Sort visas are characterised by extraordinarily excessive success charges, making them one of the dependable visa varieties for company transferees and their households. The stringent choice and vetting course of employed by corporations possible contribute to those excessive approval percentages. Nevertheless, regardless of the promising figures, it’s essential for each L1 and L2 candidates to meticulously put together their utility to take care of these excessive approval requirements.

9. E2 Visa Approval Price 2022

E-Sort Visas: A Complete Take a look at Excessive Approval Charges in 2022

E-Sort visas are important for entrepreneurs, merchants, buyers, and sure specialised staff from treaty international locations who want to conduct enterprise within the U.S. Under, we delve into the totally different sub-categories of E-Sort visas and study their success and refusal charges.

E1 Visas: Treaty Merchants

  • Issued: 5,383
  • Refused: 465
  • Complete Functions: 5,848
  • Success Price: 92.05%
  • Refusal Price: 7.95%

Designed for people engaged in worldwide commerce, the E1 visas include a powerful 92.05% success fee. This excessive approval fee signifies the significance of those merchants in bolstering worldwide commerce.

E2 Visas: Treaty Buyers

  • Issued: 45,878
  • Refused: 4,823
  • Complete Functions: 50,701
  • Success Price: 90.49%
  • Refusal Price: 9.51%

The E2 visas cater to buyers from treaty international locations who make substantial capital investments within the U.S. With a strong 90.49% E2 visa approval fee, this visa sort is indispensable for driving overseas direct funding into the U.S.

E2C Visas: Staff of E2 Buyers

  • Issued: 34
  • Refused: 5
  • Complete Functions: 39
  • Success Price: 87.18%
  • Refusal Price: 12.82%

Although much less generally utilized for, the E2C visa facilitates the entry of staff working below E2 buyers. It carries an 87.18% success fee, barely decrease in comparison with different E-Sort visas, however nonetheless fairly promising.

E3 Visas: Specialised Occupation for Australians

  • Issued: 4,731
  • Refused: 98
  • Complete Functions: 4,829
  • Success Price: 97.97%
  • Refusal Price: 2.03%

Unique to Australian nationals, the E3 visas have an exceedingly excessive success fee of 97.97%. This highlights the power of the U.S.-Australia commerce relationship.

E3D Visas: Dependents of E3 Visa Holders

  • Issued: 3,292
  • Refused: 97
  • Complete Functions: 3,389
  • Success Price: 97.14%
  • Refusal Price: 2.86%

For spouses and dependents of E3 visa holders, the E3D visa holds a outstanding 97.14% success fee, aligning nicely with the principle E3 visa class.

E3R Visas: E3 Visa Renewals

  • Issued: 2,631
  • Refused: 26
  • Complete Functions: 2,657
  • Success Price: 99.02%
  • Refusal Price: 0.98%

The E3R class for renewals posts an astonishing 99.02% success fee, confirming the consistency within the analysis and approval course of.

In abstract, E-Sort visas supply compelling success charges throughout the board, reflecting the sturdy framework that helps commerce, funding, and expert work between the U.S. and its treaty companions. Subsequently, candidates can really feel optimistic when making use of for any of those E-Sort visas however ought to nonetheless guarantee their purposes are thorough and well-documented to maintain these excessive approval charges.

10. US TN Visa Rejection Price 2022

TN and TD Visas: Excessive Approval Charges for NAFTA Professionals and Dependents in 2022

The TN (Commerce NAFTA) and TD (Commerce Dependent) visas are designed to facilitate the non permanent employment of Canadian and Mexican professionals in the US below the North American Free Commerce Settlement (NAFTA). These visas have gained significance because of their excessive approval charges, as proven within the FY 2022 statistics.

TN Visas: For NAFTA Professionals

  • Issued: 33,361
  • Refused: 4,299
  • Complete Functions: 37,660
  • Success Price: 88.58%
  • Refusal Price: 11.42%

The TN visa, open to Canadian and Mexican residents who meet particular {qualifications}, has a powerful success fee of 88.58%. This excessive approval fee underscores the effectiveness of NAFTA in facilitating expert labor alternate and contributing to the North American economic system.

TD Visas: For Dependents of TN Visa Holders

  • Issued: 16,575
  • Refused: 623
  • Complete Functions: 17,198
  • Success Price: 96.38%
  • Refusal Price: 3.62%

The TD visa, obtainable for the spouses and youngsters of TN visa holders, sports activities an exceptionally excessive success fee of 96.38%. The low refusal fee of three.62% signifies that dependents have a powerful chance of becoming a member of their members of the family who’re working within the U.S. below the TN visa program.

TN Visa Rejection Price 2022: Abstract

Each the TN and TD visa classes exhibit excessive approval charges, which will be attributed to the sturdy trilateral partnership among the many U.S., Canada, and Mexico. These visas not solely serve to complement the workforce and contribute to financial growth but in addition assist in sustaining familial cohesiveness throughout borders. Subsequently, potential candidates can discover some stage of assurance in these success charges, however they need to at all times endeavor to submit totally ready and well-documented purposes to extend their odds of approval.

11. G-Sort US Visa Approval Price 2022

G-Sort Visas: A Shut Take a look at Visas for Worldwide Group Representatives in 2022

The G-Sort visas are designated for representatives of worldwide organizations and their fast members of the family. These visas are pivotal for international diplomacy and administrative performance inside worldwide our bodies. Right here’s an in-depth take a look at the totally different G-Sort visas based mostly on the info from FY 2022.

G1 Visas: Everlasting Mission Members

  • Issued: 4,382
  • Refused: 377
  • Complete Functions: 4,759
  • Success Price: 92.09%
  • Refusal Price: 7.91%

The G1 visa is for representatives of a everlasting mission of a acknowledged authorities to a world group. With a excessive success fee of 92.09%, this class displays the significance and credibility of such roles in worldwide organizations.

G2 Visas: Observers and Representatives

  • Issued: 13,092
  • Refused: 1,492
  • Complete Functions: 14,584
  • Success Price: 89.76%
  • Refusal Price: 10.24%

G2 visas are issued to representatives or observers to particular worldwide organizations. The success fee stays sturdy at almost 90%, underlining the commonly constructive stance in direction of these visa candidates.

G3 Visas: Non-Acknowledged or Non-Member States

  • Issued: 357
  • Refused: 9
  • Complete Functions: 366
  • Success Price: 97.54%
  • Refusal Price: 2.46%

The G3 visas, open to representatives from non-recognized or non-member states, showcase a notably excessive success fee of 97.54%. These figures recommend a sure openness to participating with these non-traditional stakeholders.

G4 Visas: Worldwide Group Officers or Staff

  • Issued: 19,944
  • Refused: 697
  • Complete Functions: 20,641
  • Success Price: 96.62%
  • Refusal Price: 3.38%

G4 visas cater to people taking on appointments in worldwide organizations. With successful fee of 96.62%, this class is a powerful testomony to the worth positioned on worldwide collaboration.

G5 Visas: Private Staff or Home Employees

  • Issued: 281
  • Refused: 43
  • Complete Functions: 324
  • Success Price: 86.73%
  • Refusal Price: 13.27%

The G5 visa is designed for private staff or home employees of G1-G4 visa holders. Though the success fee is barely decrease at 86.73%, it’s nonetheless significantly excessive, indicating a common receptivity to supporting the broader ecosystem round worldwide group representatives.

G-Sort US Visa Approval Price 2022: Abstract

The G-Sort visas, throughout all classes, are inclined to have excessive approval charges, demonstrating the U.S.’s dedication to fostering worldwide relations and cooperation. These figures supply reassurance for potential candidates however also needs to function a reminder to take care of the very best requirements when making ready utility paperwork.

12. K1 Visa Approval Price 2023

Ok-Sort Visas: Understanding Fiancé(e) and Spousal Visas in 2022

The Ok-Sort visas are reserved primarily for fiancé(e)s and spouses of U.S. residents, together with their minor youngsters. These visas function a pathway for household reunification and eventual everlasting residence in the US. Under is an evaluation of the Ok-Sort visas based mostly on Fiscal 12 months 2022 information.

K1 Visas: Fiancé(e) of U.S. Residents

  • Issued: 21,351
  • Refused: 3,192
  • Complete Functions: 24,543
  • Success Price: 86.99%
  • Refusal Price: 13.01%

The K1 visa is designed for the fiancé(e)s of U.S. residents who intend to marry inside 90 days of entry into the US. With an K1 visa approval fee of almost 87%, the K1 visa stays one of many extra accessible pathways for uniting {couples} throughout borders.

K2 Visas: Kids of K1 Visa Holders

  • Issued: 3,441
  • Refused: 43
  • Complete Functions: 3,484
  • Success Price: 98.76%
  • Refusal Price: 1.24%

The K2 visa applies to the minor youngsters of K1 visa candidates. The remarkably excessive success fee of 98.76% for K2 visas means that the U.S. immigration system locations a excessive precedence on conserving households collectively.

K3 Visas: Spouses of U.S. Residents Awaiting Immigrant Visas

  • Issued: 5
  • Refused: 11
  • Complete Functions: 16
  • Success Price: 31.25%
  • Refusal Price: 68.75%

The K3 visa is for spouses of U.S. residents who’re awaiting the approval of an immigrant visa. With solely 16 whole purposes, the numbers are too small to supply a complete view. Nevertheless, it’s noteworthy that the refusal fee is larger on this class, at 68.75%.

K4 Visas: Kids of K3 Visa Holders

  • Issued: 1
  • Refused: 0
  • Complete Functions: 1
  • Success Price: 100%
  • Refusal Price: 0%

The K4 visa is designated for the youngsters of K3 visa holders. The info reveals only one utility, which was authorized, making it tough to attract vital conclusions for this class.

K1 Visa Approval Price 2022: Abstract

The Ok-Sort visas supply quite a lot of choices for fiancé(e)s and spouses of U.S. residents, in addition to their youngsters, to enter the US. Whereas K1 and K2 visas have excessive approval charges, the K3 visa has proven a better fee of refusals, though based mostly on a really small pattern dimension. This information underlines the significance of thorough utility preparation to extend the possibilities of visa approval.

13. Different Classes

U.S. Visa Statistics for Remaining Sorts of US Visas

For the sake of completeness, it’s important to deal with the acceptance charges of different kinds of U.S. visas that aren’t generally mentioned. Whereas a few of these classes have vital numbers of issued and refused visas, others had no purposes in any respect within the current information 12 months.

Visa Classes with Knowledge

  • I Visa (89.81%): Journalism, 9,917 Issued – 1,129 Refused
  • M1 Visa (73.32%): Vocational College students, 5,271 Issued – 1,917 Refused
  • M2 Visa (69.94%): Dependents of M1, 242 Issued – 104 Refused
  • N8 & N9 Visas (51.85%): Particular Immigrants, 14 Issued – 13 Refused
  • NATO Visas (99.09%): For NATO Personnel, 7,388 Issued – 68 Refused
  • O Visas (95.78%): Extraordinary Potential, 37,922 Issued – 1,675 Refused
  • P Visas (91.74%): Athletes & Entertainers, 27,424 Issued – 2,468 Refused
  • Q1 Visa (95.31%): Cultural Trade, 1,057 Issued – 52 Refused
  • R Visas (83.72%): Spiritual Employees, 5,904 Issued – 1,148 Refused
  • T Visas (89.47%): Human Trafficking Victims, 306 Issued – 36 Refused
  • U Visas (84.67%): Crime Victims, 1,501 Issued – 272 Refused

Classes with No Functions

The next visa classes reported no purposes for the 12 months:

  • M3
  • NATO3 to NATO7
  • S5, S6, S7
  • T1

This absence of purposes in these particular classes may point out they’re much less generally used, or maybe they cater to a really area of interest viewers. Nonetheless, it’s essential to pay attention to these lesser-known visa varieties as a part of a complete understanding of U.S. visa acceptance charges.

14. Incessantly Requested Questions (FAQs)

US Visa Acceptance Price 2022

What’s US visa acceptance fee in 2022?

In 2022, the general US visa success fee was 84.23%, leaving a US visa refusal fee of 15.77%.

What’s the U.S. vacationer visa approval fee in 2022?

The B2 visa approval fee for tourism in 2022 stood at 68.86%. For mixed B1/B2 visas for enterprise and tourism, the acceptance fee was 79.45%.

What’s the F1 visa rejection fee in 2022?

The US F1 pupil visa refusal fee in 2022 was calculated to be 34.93%.

What’s the H1B visa rejection fee in 2022?

In response to the newest information, the H1B work visa had a rejection fee of two.38% in 2022.

What’s the approval fee for J1 visas in 2022?

The J1 visa, primarily for alternate guests, had an acceptance fee of 88.89% in 2022.

What was the success fee of E2 Visas in 2022?

The E2 Treaty Investor visas had a powerful acceptance fee of 90.49% in 2022.

What’s the approval fee for K1 visas in 2023?

In 2023, K1 fiancé(e) visas had an approval fee of 86.99%.

What’s the US visa rejection fee for A1 visas in 2022?

A-Sort visas, that are for diplomats and overseas authorities officers, had a remarkably low rejection fee of 5.09% in 2022.



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