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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress.

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Learn more. This is the tractor that. Pulls 4 plows and will do your work. Before buying l another tractor look into the merits of this one.

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The Emerson will make your work a pleasure. Get one. You are invited to our soft drink parlor. These prices are for the curs delivered in Tabor. Copan la an ancient rained city ot northwestern Honduras, on the Copan river. The remains are of unknown antiquity and very extensive, stretch ing for about two miles along the river. The buildings are of stone, em bracing a temple over feet long, with many sculptured figures.

The Copan rains take their Dame from a modern town to the east of them. This was an Indian stronghold, and was taken after a fierce straggle by the Spaniards under Hermnndo de Chaves In These Balance Men. I profess no special partiality for any critic, who, holding balance In hand, weighs eagerly whatsoever of learning cornea to his counter.

I ques tion whether be Is not taking less of the qnallty of the wares, than of the fashion of his Scales, never ques tioning their accuracy nor his own levity. Still It must be admitted that these balance men are not wlthont their usefulness, being convenient for appraising market values. Bronson Alcott. They are supposed to be the refuse heaps of prehistoric periods, and are composed chiefly of oyster, periwinkle, cockle and mussel shells. Edinburgh Landmark Gone. An Interesting bit of old Edinburgh, dating back aboutTabor SD sex dating been burned. The destroyed building, which consisted of a single story and attic, was one of the landmarks of the Holy rood area.

It was the old Yew Tree tavern, and stood Inside the bounds of the Holyrood sanctuary for debtors, within which, In days of yore, the fugi tive was free from the attentions of bis creditors. Utilising Paper. Although there is a great shortage of paper. It Is unlikely that many of us have carried economy to the extent Indicated In a letter received by a school teacher the other day. Please send a man to put It right. The Roman soldiers, who bnilt such wonderful ro and carried a weight of armor and baggage, lived on coartve brown bread and sour wine.

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They were 1 temperate In diet and regular and con stant In exercise. The Spanish peas ant works every day and dances half the night, yet eats only black bread, onion and water lemon. Famout English Chimneys. Oetrlch a Monogamist. In the wild state ostriches pair In the spring. Once paired they remain mated "till death doth them part. During the sitting period the male remains on the peat by night, the female by day.

Stars In a Dream. To dream of stars is said to have the'Tollowlng meaning: If the stnrs were clear.

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Dame Fortune Is going to smile upon you, hut If they were ob acured and dusky, then the reverse may be the case. To Tell Age of Fish.

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Year rings on the scales of flsh are used In Norway and France to deter mine the age of sardines, whether they have reached their full growth and when they will spawn. Keep Tacks In Jars. Save all small glass jars. One good use for them Is to keep tacks, screws and small nails In.

It will save time when looking for a particular kind. Great Men. Great men hallow a whole people, and lift up all who live In their time. Palm Sugar. Sugar is extracted from slxi. New York. Brown has been sexton of St. For 15 years ly he had been a sexton at old Trinity. Office Pound in Chaoe. Papers were strewn about, books up set, the safe door open and the office 1 In a state of confusion, Mr. Brown said, when he discovered hia loss. They forced the window and 1 ransacked the office at leisure.

Besides, there were stickpins, cuff links and other articles of Jewelry, which were taken. Many of these.

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Brown said, he treasured for their sentimen tal value. They went through and overturned everything. Apparently the burglars made their escape the same way as they came In, although a policeman was on post less than a block away. Brown, sadly. Then they told me they hoped I would get the money back. The l—Frank Popllnskl and Joseph Tablweeski — had been surprised by the police while robbing the' store of Bernard Reich ling at Broadway. Like a movie thriller, the young sters showed fight when confronted by the police, whipping tlielr weapons lTom their pockets, and stood the offi cers against the wall.

When the crowd pressed around the cops took courage and made, for the boys, who were subdued after a quick but stub born iVtht behind a pile of bundles, which they used for a barricade. Rob and imprison Victim. He l was too tall to be humpbacked, too well galted, to have such a bulging Ifront. Why, there were knobs all over him. He looked like a human black thorn stick that was swollen In the Middle.

Gallagher took him In to show hiuii fto hls pals—and then there came a Revelation. Besides a heavy conscience, George Abraham Lincoln Thompson was car rying : 15 pounds choice rib roast. George confessed. He had taken! The food from the dining car, and was ,going home for a light breakfast. Poor George! Bread and coffee for Tils. Grattan by Judge Frank Willis. She was bitten by a paralytic bulldog and confined, she said, for a month. Joe Tabor SD sex dating, attor ney for the defendant, E.

But the paraly sis was in the wrong place.

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It Is related by Irvin S. Yarnel of this city. On the night of July 3, Yarnel said die took the cat in a satchel to Phoenfx jvllle, Po. When he got to his summer home Ithere he found there was no food for 'the cat. Its feet were sore. Keys here. The snaka rwas colled up near the phonograph when it was discovered. It wus killed before It had a chance to strike. It was one of the largest copperhe ever seen In thlsjsectlon. DVUHak fyuususi j J. Chicago News.

Matmcson, the ;mat musical critic, wrote a book on the subject.

Tabor SD sex dating

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